Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances and Cooking Methods


To make cooking easier this, here are a few tips from Eversource’s
energy efficiency expert, Enoch Lenge, which can
help you save time, money, and energy while also reducing
your impact on the environment:

1 Prepare dishes the night before. Did you know an
ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator can save you
more than $300 over 5 years? Making some dishes in
advance not only saves time, but money too!

2 Cook your roast or turkey in a programmable pressure
cooker. It can reduce your cooking time by about 70%.

3 Use a warming drawer. It allows you to multitask and
maximize counter, oven, and microwave space.

4 Put your smartphone to work. By connecting smart
plugs to your appliances and utilizing a smart thermometer,
you can turn on appliances from bed or cook
your favorite dish to perfection all from your phone!

5 Dishwasher or handwashing? Using an ENERGY
STAR® dishwasher instead of handwashing will
not only save you about $1,300 in energy costs and
cut back on water usage, it will also save you
nearly 230 hours of personal time per year – which is
about 10 days!