Town of Wolcott Public Notice


PUBLIC NOTICE – Town of Wolcott

Wolcott Affordable Housing Plan Survey

The Town of Wolcott received a grant from the State
Department of Housing to develop an Affordable
Housing Plan. Connecticut is an expensive place to
live and the lack of housing affordability in many
communities often means that young people can’t
afford to live in the towns where they grew up, older
residents can’t afford to downsize within their
community, and people employed in lower paying
jobs can’t afford to live where they work.
In order to create a plan to meet the needs of our
community, the Town is asking residents to provide
their input. An Affordable Housing Plan survey has
been developed which is located in the Town of
Wolcott’s website The survey will
be open through the end of January 2023.
The assistance of all Wolcott’s residents, in this
important project, will be greatly appreciated.