Winning Essays from the 6th Grade Creative Writing Contest

Junior Women's Club

Here are the winning essays from the 6th grade Creative Writing contest sponsored by Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott. A winner was chosen from each of our 3 elementary schools in our town. The theme was “What I Like Best About Wolcott”.

Aya Husein – Alcott School
The best part of Wolcott for me is the library. I think this is the best part of Wolcott because it offers many useful programs for all ages in our community. It is not just a place to check out books, it is a place where children can learn and have fun at the same time. Ms. Morin is one of the children’s librarians who works hard to organize events from preschoolers to fifth graders. Some examples are Lego club, STEM projects, family movie night, origami making, land toddler time. Another program is the Teen Volunteers Committee. They are middle school and high school age volunteers who volunteer their time and learn how the library works, and help with planning events with the librarians. Some of the events they plan are the annual Noon Year’s eve party, gingerbread house making and many more. The library also offers programs for adults. Some of these events are the Book Club, crazy eight and knitting. It is also a great place to study and get work done. In conclusion I think that the library is the best part of Wolcott because of the many resources they offer for the community. In the future I hope they still make programs like these for the whole community to enjoy.

Nathaniel Plona – Wakelee School
I love that Wolcott has opportunities for citizens of all ages to have fun. From the senior center, to after school and recreational activities, and even adult ed. Wolcott has many opportunities for anyone in our community to have fun. One thing I like about our town Wolcott is that it has many opportunities for senior citizens. Out town will take senior citizens and give them a ride around the Wolcott trail. The schools also lets senior citizens volunteer in the classrooms. When I was in 1st grade our class has 2 grandmas, grandma Val and grandma Gibson. Senior citizens also will have the opportunity to go on field trips. One time the seniors went to Knights of Columbus Museum. I love that Wolcott has many opportunities for senior citizens. Another incredible thing about Wolcott is that it offers may after school and recreational activities which gives you the chance to make new friends and meet new people. Some of these activities are baseball, soccer, volleyball, cub scouts, boy scouts, robotics, and many more. I am on the robotics, baseball, soccer and basketball team and I am also a cub scout. I have made many new friends throughout these activities. One friend I made was Nathan Ash. He is currently on my soccer team. Wolcott is an amazing place to make new friends. The last of the many things I love about Wolcott is that adults have opportunities to have fun too. The town has adult ed, which includes many things like Zumba, dance, cooking, Spanish archery, and many other classes to take. My friend’s mom takes Zumba lessons during adult ed at Wolcott High School. I like that Wolcott offers fund activities for adults too. As you can see Wolcott is an amazing town. Any family is bound to have fun in this community. As you can see, no one in this town will be bored with Wolcott’s amazing fun and entertaining activities.

Kevin Berninger – Frisbie School
I think the best thing in Wolcott Ct is the B.A.W. I think this because this is where a lot of my baseball games are. The excitement of the games are wild and huge. Every time the ball hits the bat it sails through the sky like a rocket ship. It is very exciting to watch the games. Another reason I like the B.A.W. is the snack bar. I like the snack bar because of the variety of food choices you could choose. I like to get ice cream and cheese burgers with nacho cheese on them. I also like the snack bar because I sometimes work there with my team. When I am not working or playing a game I will hang out with my friends. It is fun to play with my friends. This is why I think the B.A.W. is the best place in Wolcott CT.