Wolcott Public Schools – Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!


Message from Cindy Mancini, BOE Chairman Tony Gasper, Superintendent of Schools

Upon the writing of this article, Governor Lamont has issued an extension on the closure of all schools in the state through May 20, 2020. He has stated that this will be the earliest possible opening date and that he may find it necessary to extend the closure through the end of the school year. This public health crisis has brought out the best in our staff and we’d like to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and flexibility during this time.

Distance Learning

We will continue to evolve our methods with distance learning. We are providing support and guidance to our teachers on a daily basis in order to make the best of this situation. We are slowly rolling out the use of two-way video. We are being cautious with this because of the possible privacy concerns and some of the incidents of hacking that you may have seen in the news. Thank you to the parents who are our partners in this endeavor.

Event and Celebrations

The Board of Education and Superintendent are committed to supporting graduation ceremonies, banquets, musicals, and other great events that celebrate the talents and accomplishments of our students. It is too soon for us to know what these will look like at this moment; they may need to be delayed and may need to take on a different format. But, we’re committed to doing whatever is within our power to recognize our deserving students.

We’d also like to recognize our Food Services department who has been providing nutritious meals to young people in need during this trying time.
Stay healthy. Stay Safe.