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Junior Women's Club

Are you eligible for a blood donation?  You can find the facts on line www.redcross.org.  This is a reminder to call the Red Cross or go online at www.redcross,org to reserve your spot to donate blood for our annual Blood Drive; the location is the St. Pius X Church Hall, March 9th.  Come down and donate, remember that the American Red Cross needs your help to stop winter weather from giving hospital patients the cold shoulder. Those who are eligible to donate are urged to cozy up to giving blood, platelets or plasma to help hospital patients during their time of need.

Scholarships offered for Wolcott senior high school students: The Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott (JWC) is offering three $1,000 scholarships to qualifying senior high school students who reside in Wolcott and who will graduate in June. A description of the scholarships are as follows:

Pat Najarian Scholarship. This scholarship, established in 1967, provides financial assistance to a senior in high school who is a resident of Wolcott, graduating in June. This scholarship is intended for any interested average student who is achieving his or her full scholastic potential and is in need of financial assistance.

Arts Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 1981. This scholarship is intended for any student who is furthering his or her education (major or minor) in some field of the ARTS or has a genuine interest in the ARTS through participation and or education.

Lucille Jablonski Scholarship. This scholarship was established to honor a JWC member and community servant whose life of service was cut short by an untimely death. This scholarship is intended for any student who is furthering his or her education and has played an active role in community service and/or volunteerism.

Scholarship applications can be obtained through the Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott Facebook page (if student does not attend Wolcott High School) or through the Guidance Department at Wolcott High School or the CT State Technical School Naviance system. Scholarship applications will be mailed to the Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott, P.O. Box 6116, Wolcott, CT 06716 y the deadline of March 29, 2024.

The town wide Easter Egg hunt is March 23rd.  We will be donating a child’s bicycle and helmet to this event.  This is one of our favorite events.  Every year our Little Miss & Little Mr. Wolcott assist the Easter Bunny during the Easter Egg Hunt.  If you are attending, please stop by and ask Little Miss & Mr. Wolcott how they have enjoyed their year being ambassadors for Wolcott.  A few highlights of their year so far are lighting the Wolcott Christmas Tree and greeting Santa, attending the Mayor’s Christmas Party, and more to come as well as riding in the upcoming Wolcott Memorial Day Parade.

The Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott is a nonprofit organization dedicated to volunteering in our community, promoting the Arts, Conservation, Current Affairs, Education, Health and Homelife.  Opportunities for friendships, personal growth and leadership abound.  Meetings are held 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday from September to June.  Females 18+ may apply for membership – P.O. Box 6116, Wolcott, CT 06716.  We are a small but active club!

​Please check out our website www.juniorwomensclubofwolcott.org for more information on all of these projects or email us at [email protected] .